The Three Disciplines and Change Management

In this weeks article, we’ll explore how the three disciplines (product development, process improvement and project management) can enable change management.

First, it’s worth reflecting on how these disciplines fit together.  Starting with product development our goal is to understand customer value, and to optimize the product (or service) by maximizing customer value and minimizing cost.  It can be seen that, process improvement naturally complements this objective as way to further reduce costs.  In addition, project management establishes how product development and process improvement is planned, executed, controlled and monitored.

Now let’s look at some key attributes of change management, along with elements of the three disciplines mentioned above.

  • Vision and purpose (re-enforced by project leadership and governance)
  • Skills including tools and methodologies
  • Incentives motivating teams and the right behaviors to realize the vision
  • Resources including resource management and project governance
  • Action Plan, deliverables, tasks and integrated project schedule

Now consider some the results of any one of the missing attributes:
While these symptoms might be addressed with leadership, governance and management, it’s also worth considering the structure, tools and collaborative approach the three disciplines enable to help achieve positive change.